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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an Arabitra system?
You can request for a demo of the Arabitra product suite of Fleet Management Solution by completing the enquiry form on the Contact us section of our website. Alternatively, call us at +966 138 643 799 and speak to one of our sales associates or email us at

Where is the installation done?
Installation and set up of Arabitra’s Fleet Management Solutions may be done onsite at your premises, or offsite at an Arabitra Solutions Centre that is nearest to your location. One of our Technical Engineers will ensure the system is professionally installed and tested. This process should take around 90 minutes.

How do I access Arabitra’s software applications?
The Mobi application can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet browser by visiting the URL provided for your business account. The Online application can be accessed on any of your desktop browsers. For your access credentials (URLs, usernames and passwords), email us at Please mention your Business Name and Email given during the time of registration.

Do I get alerted in the event of an incident?
Yes, Arabitra systems have a number of security and safety feature events, such as battery tampers and illegal movement alarms, and when triggered you will receive a notification via SMS or Email. All of these alerts are easily configurable in the system.

What happens when I sell my vehicle?
You can transfer your Arabitra solution to your new vehicle without any hassles.

Can I use my Arabitra system outside of the borders of KSA?
Yes. You will need to activate the international roaming functionality to ensure continuous tracking.

Does my system come with a warranty?
Yes, Arabitra systems have a warranty. We attend to issues free of charge as long as you bring your vehicle to an Arabitra Solutions Centre. A call-out fee is applicable if you require our technical support engineers to visit onsite.

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