Load Monitoring System


Load Monitoring System (Implemented by Public Transport Authority)

Arabitra load Monitoring System is a top-quality solution that provides all features related to Public Transport requirements for the heavy transport vehicles. It comprises of advanced GPS devices and sensors that enable you to monitor the load on the vehicle in real-time. The system is highly accurate, reliable, and enables the fleet manager to access various reports that are essential for maintaining the fleet and bring operational efficiency, besides it also helps fleet managers minimize risks associated with overloading.

  • Arabitra Load Monitoring System offers
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Measure and monitor weight with date & time
  • Alarms / Alert for specific events required by the Public Transport Authority
  • Trip wise monitoring data, Route planning and Geo-Fence, POIs are available
  • Weight Sensor date accuracy (Both Air Pressure & Mechanical Sensor) as per Public Transport requirement
  • Monitor driver behavior; Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, Speed violation & Excess idling
  • Minimize risks associated with overload (e.g. wear and tear, irregular maintenance)
  • Arabitra Mobile Apps (IOS & Android) to help managers to monitor remotely all the time.

ARABITRA System provides all kinds of textual and visual reports to show the complete tracking data for the transporters

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